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We are ready to move onto 2021!

Moving Boxes

Without a doubt, 2020 has tested us all––no one more than our veterans struggling with PTSD, TBIs and other service-related psychological issues.  The isolation of quarantine, the fear of illness and the host of problems that the Covid environment served-up made everything more difficult this year.  

But, there were joys! The return to classes, with safety provisions of course, brought huge smiles and sighs of relief.  Friendships were rekindled, and best of all, the magic that is brought from our dog handling classes and fantastic trainers was as good as it ever was when we resumed.

2020 will definitely be one for the history books.  For Circle of Change, we are looking forward to making big strides in 2021.  It's clear that the needs of our veterans remain and we want to provide the best possible service and support we can.

It is our hope that as we start anew, our current veterans continue healing, new participants find some peace and renewal in our program and that the community support that keeps our program free continues to grow.

We have much to do!  But, 2021 feels like a great place for renewed hope.  

Happy New Year from all of us at Circle of Change!

The Veterans Dog Program is offered FREE to referred veterans.  That means, Circle of Change is reliant solely

on grants from the community & generous donations

from supporters like you.  

Circle of Change is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

 All donations are tax deductible.

EIN: 20-2316300

Veterans interested in a referral to our Rockford classes

should contact Aimee Jerding at the Rockford VA Clinic at 815-227-0081 or a clinician at the Rockford Vet Center,


Veterans interested in a referral to our Madison class should contact their VA clinician or Donald Bialkowski, at 608-256-1901, for a referral. OIF/OEF/OND veterans, may contact Program Director Jay White at 608-256-1901 X11962. You may also get a referral from a clinician at the Madison Vet Center, 608-264-5342.