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Cultivating Pawsitive Change, One-By-One

🌱✨ Hey friends!

Just wanted to share a little about what's been on my mind lately. You know how we always talk about planting seeds in a garden? Well, I believe we can do the same with people. 🌻

Circle of Change isn't just about dogs (although the dogs we work with make this program extra special!! 🐾), it's about the connections made in the community that are built through our dog programs and the healing that can happen when we open our hearts. First, hearts are opened to our furry companions and then to new friends. This is the simple recipe of our organization.

Recently, I was talking to one of the individuals, who I met through our programs. He's been going through a tough time for years. At just the right moment, he was invited by a veteran to participate in one of Circle of Change's programs. Instead of just offering a quick dismissal, he decided to invest a bit of time and participate. Fast forward only a week or two and he tells me that our program came along at just the right time. And, he is now looking forward to getting up and spending time with new friends and the dogs.

This is how it happens--not always so quickly--but, in small incremental changes. We see the "seeds sown" in the investment of people, whether through dog training programs or just by taking a moment to listen. There are many now thriving, because of the nearly 20 years of Circle of Change! They’ve even started helping others in the same way. 🌟. I couldn't be more proud to have invested over a decade of my life to this special organization and of the now friends I have witnessed concurring darkness and now looking for the light.

It’s amazing how a little kindness and support can grow into something beautiful. So, let’s keep sowing those seeds of positivity and encouragement in others. You never know what kind of garden you might help bloom. 🌼💖

If you'd like to learn more about our organization, I invite you to check out our website at

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