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New Content for Your Self Care Routine

If you're like me, you are always looking to discover new voices and ideas to jazz up your self care routine. If this is sounds like you, you're going to like this week's blog. We have put together a short list of tech-friendly, wise and wonderful suggestions for your playlist. We think you'll enjoy what each of these channels have to offer. Best of all, they are all available for FREE!

Different Brains (You Tube)

This YouTube channel supports neurodiversity from Autism to ADHD to Alzheimer’s (and all brains in-between).  I love this channel because it offers tips and tricks on dealing with different challenges as a neurodivergent people.  It’s a great resource to remind us all that no two brains are exactly the same.  

Check out this episode on “ADHD & Interrupting: ADHD Power Tools with Ali Idriss & Brooke Schnittman

Fried: The Burnout Podcast, Cait Donovan (Podcast)

Does your brain feel like it’s about to explode most days from all the tasks you’re juggling?  Want to change that? You’ll want to add Cait Donovan’s podcast to your life.  She has a way of calling us on our crap, while raising her hand high to say “that was me too and this is how I fixed it”.  Cait is funny and authentic, while offering smart and applicable tips on how to un-fry your brain, if you are burned out.

Check out one of my favorite episodes at . One of my favorite episodes is Taking The “Good Plate” from January 9, 2024.

Kevin Polky–The Journey (Podcast)

These podcasts are intended to capture ordinary conversations with special individuals about personal transformation, ideas and observations. I will be bringing you a variety of guests, that will be sharing their own personal stories of setbacks, transformation and reflection. I look forward to where this journey will go and invite you to come along.  

You can check out his bi-weekly podcast on Spotify, Apple or YouTube.  Here is Episode #210 where he talks about Six Methods to Activate Parasympathetic Nervous System:

Zen Radio

When our minds are busy, it can be hard to get our internal dialog to quiet.    When your favorite playlist isn’t what you need, Zen Radio might be able to help.  While they do have a Premium subscription for around $8 month that allows you to listen commercial-free and to enjoy other perks, there are free channels available.  

To sample these musical vibes for free visit and look for the free channels of the day.

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